Cultivations: Responsive Email Development

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A very talented designer gave me a few PSD documents for a new campaign called Cultivations. They entrusted me to carry out the development of the email designs in Mailchimp as templates. There were 8 in total and you can see a few of them here. Litmus tested and approved.

What I Did

Summary: Took existing designs files and convert them MailChimp templates for delivery. Created design and development standard for all subsequent emails to follow. Helped with design decisions to export future emails that will follow. Did A/B testing and utilized google analytics.

For this project I worked closely with the UX Designer. She had done an excellent job of designing the series. I used the PSD’s to create the templates to responsive HTML. After the HTML was completed I used MailChimp codes to turn them into templates so that other none developers could use them.

Technologies Used

HTML/CSS, MailChimp, Photoshop, Google Analytics, A/B Testing